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March 21, 2013, Jessica
Rochester, New York, United States

My friend bought a car from him for $5,000. He couldn't sell it until it was inspected. After it passed inspection she was told she couldn't pick up the car till the following day. The car seemed great at first look.. Took only a few days to notice the air in one of the tires kept going down and going flat. After taking it to be looked at, it was discovered that two of the tires were dry rotted. One had to be replaced immediately, one soon after, and the other two are on their way. Even the spare was dry rotted. A couple weeks after that, the battery died completely and couldn't even be jump started. That needed to be replaced too. Every month since she got it there has been something on it that needed to be replaced. Each time she tried to call, she got no answer. It became very obvious, very quick, why he couldn't let her pick up the car immediately after it was inspected. He needed time to do a complete bait and switch. Since then we have discovered at least two other people who were also scammed by him. He is a con artist. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!

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