Moonrise PRODUCTIONS INC Moonrise Design, Moonrise Hosting, Gary Klingsheim, Jenny Deng. SCAM WEB DEVELOPERS THEIVES LIARS sausalito, California -

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September 28, 2011, Anonymous
United States

These Guys - MOONRISE PRODUCTIONS INC - are simply dishonest. DO NOT WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE! We contracted them early 2010, Gary Klingsheim was a “sweet talker” so to speak, a liar. We untrusted them with over USD 100,000.00 and now have to seek juridical assistance to get or money back. First of all, they mainly use a Belarus company named and charge you 100/Hr which is the rate of the west coast programmers and repay a 1/5 to the Belarus team (go with them straight!!) but don't pay 100/Hr for a company based in eastern Europe, go straight to them online and pay less with more control. But that was the least, Jenny Deng, Gary's wife is their Design Manager and simply does not care about your project, she's always right and get aggravated every-time you request her assistance. They did a lousy job at researching our project needs and ended up asking for more and more money all that to be unable to deliver!!!! They're only here for the money, they will make you think they care, telling you all the things one wants to hear but then once you have signed you are stock with a bunch of incompetent who seek professionalism where it is the cheapest and laugh at your trust towards them. I just learnt that 3 other companies were complaining about some other jobs undone!!! ... Don’t make the same mistake as me, WORK WITH SOMEONE ELSE, PERIOD!

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