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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Purchased a "new in box" advertised ATT LG Vu 920 cell phone for $125.00 that did not work. I returned it and was sent a 2nd phone that worked for 2 weeks. Returned and was sent a 3rd phone that worked a little over 90 days. Called Monster Cellular and was told that the 90 day warranty they provide had expired which was odd because the manufacturers warranty is for one year. I called LG and was told that the IE# in the back of the phone was to a black LG VU and my phone was silver. The IE# on the phone did not belong to the phone I was sent. LG said that the phone was a refurbished phone made to look new. I called Monster and complained. They said that it was just a shipping error. (someone must have picked up the wrong phone when shipped) I knew they were lieing and demanded a full refund plus shipping. They agreed and advised me to mail the phone back and upon receipt they would refund my credit card. I did so and have not received a refund and am unable to contact Monster Cellular. They do not answer the phone or emails. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! THEY ARE scamS!! I am filing a complaint with EBAY and the BBB.

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