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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Missouri River Regional Library in Jefferson City is probably one of the worst libraries that I've been to, and it's not just the run-down facilities that are a drag, it's the people that work there who are equally as horrible. The people who work at MRRL aren't so interested in doing their jobs, as they are gossiping, or talking nastily about some of the patrons who are using the library's facilities. On many occasions I've observed many of the employees doing everything BUT their jobs, by either pretending they are "too busy" or simply shooing a patron away, surfing the net on company time, or gossiping about each other or the patrons as mentioned above. There are three young women in particular who work in the computer lab downstairs, and they are incredibly rude to anyone who asks for help, and they've been known to harass people for no reason at all; yet these three women manage to keep their jobs without any sort of punishment for their actions. Also, the condition of the building is pretty sad. It isn't well kept at all, and everything is usually very dusty. The restrooms are in a sorry state as well, and there is usually wads of paper, bodily fluids (and rare occasions, feces) on the floor.
Some of the shelves in the main part of the library look as though they're about ready to fall apart, and a majority of the chairs within the facility are falling apart as well - a couple have broken on occasion. There's even exposed wiring in some areas of the library, especially near some of the broken down shelves - can you say "fire hazard" ? So, if you're ever in Jefferson City and you're looking for a decent library, then I suggest taking a twenty minute drive to the Boone Regional Library where the area is clean and well kept, and the staff are kind, and ready to help.

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