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Michael Kestin
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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Netbiz (who says that they are a "partner" with Google) called my company promising a keyword in the New York Region to be on the first page of the sponsored link section for $50 dollars per month, with a $79.95 account set up fee. Within 4 days of starting the campaign they pulled the ad and said that Google changed the way they did things, and now it will be $250 per month for same thing. I threatened Netbiz with a class action lawsuit and promised that I would contact Google their "partner" and ruin their relationship with them and put them out of business. As a result, they said that they would give me the keyword that I was promised at the price that I was quoted, until the time when I wanted to discontinue my campaign and advertising with them. For the first 3 days my ad was on the front page of sponsored links section (which is what I was promised and told would happen) following that, my ad was either burried in the 4th-9th pages of the sponsored links or not in the sponsored links section at all. This is where I am today. Writing to let you know that Netbiz is a scam, do not trust them, do not advertise with them, tell your friends, STAY AWAY. I have contacted my attorney to start a class action lawsuit, I am getting ready to continue blogging every site I can find to tell people how Netbiz operates. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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