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December 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I purchased a travel package through "" in which I was bidding on a four day/3 night all inclusive, including airfaire to a choice of numerous Mexico resort locations. This was done under the name DSClub on the web site - under travel packages.

This entire process went through numerous travel organizations, including "Thrifty Travel" who sent the paperwork after the deal was completed. I completed a paperwork that was sent to Mexico VIP Holidays where I chose the city/location in Mexico where I wanted to take my all inclusive vacation. Once this was received by Mexico VIP Holidays I was notified to pay my full cost share ($700). Once they successfully had my money - I was told that I could only go to Cancun - all of the other locations were not possible. Then I was advised that I must sit through a 90-minute presentation for a timeshare while in Mexico. Nowhere did a timeshare appear in the documentation, and nowhere did the paperwork reveal that I may be limited to a single location in Mexico. My preference was Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Alcapulco. This was never to happen from the start.

I explained that I had no desire to sit through a timeshare presentation numerous times - I contacted - they refused to respond to my queries, Thrifty Travel (who sent me the package initially) didn't want to get involved, and the parent company in New York said that they would help out and didn't. After numerous discussions with the supervisor at Mexico VIP Holidays aka Viajes Premium Alcapulco - I was advised that there were no other options. The travel deal was provided to me, but was in an all inclusive that received very poor reviews - I declined to travel.

I was sincere from the start - the travel network of poor performers, starting at were insincere. When I explained to Thrifty Travel and ubid that I was being forced into a timeshare game - I was told that I should not have to attend a timeshare presentation, and yet they did not care to assist with any details.

While the travel was not a complete lie - I would not have entered into this travel scam if I was given the correct details. I am most disappointed with, as they have been around for a while and stood on the sidelines like a startup company without any integrity.

Lastly - Mexico VIP Holidays/Viajes Premium Alcapulco was completely devoid of honesty and proper representation.

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