Metro PCS Overcharging, unauthorized changes to account, not providing services being paid for. Internet - METRO PCS

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December 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

The last 3 months have been a disaster with Metro PCS. I have an account with 2 phones on it, and international
SMS text messaging as part of my plan. 3 months ago, Metro PCS has blocked my text messages from being delivered
to one of my contacts in the UK. They have not, however, refunded me for this service which they are not honoring. After complaining to them about it, they promised me a $15 refund, but instead changed my plan without my consent
or knowledge. They took me off the family plan I was on, and starting charging me an additional $5 (plus tax) per
month. Since they took me off the family plan, I requested them to separate my account into 2 accounts, but they
are refusing to do that without charging me twice for the account. This has been a snowball affect of problems,
and I would like all of these issues resolved.

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