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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
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I took my 2006 C230 into Laguna Niguel Mercedes-Benz Dealership in March 2010 for a Service A and a check engine light on and a Shake. Turns out this little shake was a Balance Shaft. I was told this is the most expensive procedure done to a Mercedes Benz. They wanted $5,300.00 dollars for this.

They finished the procedure and called us to come down and pick it up but before we could make it down there later that day, they called us saying they found a leak and need more time with it. When they called us, they said they were going to have to take the whole engine apart again but that don't worry, they are not going to charge us this time around. I said great, considering the car never left the Dealership and they were the ones that found the leak.

A week later, they call us to say the car is fixed and to come down and pick it up. I wish I could say that was the end of it however 8 months and 4,200 miles later, the Service A came on again along with the check engine light with a shake.

I took it in again to see what was wrong to Laguna Niguel Mercedes-Benz Dealership and two days later, I received the simplest estimate one could ask for. This is how it read, Intake Manifold parts cost $1,145.00 Labor $1,080.00 Machine Shop Labor cost $500.00 tax and everything $2,825.18. at very bottom of estimate, it had a check mark and then handwritten, it said No.@ Exhaust Valve not seating underlined. No other details at all.

They were also very straight forward and said, don't worry, this wasn't because of the work we did on your car in March.

So this made me question the last invoice in March 2010 and I noticed a few things that didn't make any sense with March's two invoices.

The first invoice which I paid for was very detailed and 8 pages and it had listed everything on it and what they did. I noticed Gaskets and Seal rings on every page within this invoice. The second one, it was two pages with N/C on every item.

Now the big thing I noticed was that there was only one Seal ring on this two pages invoice. I was told by every person I spoke with that you are suppose to use new Gaskets and Seal Rings every time you remove a portion of the engine and this was not the case.

The repair order also shows they R&R the left and right cylinder heads which means that the Manifold was touched but Laguna Niguel Mercedes-Benz Dealership said they never touched any of this.

I was dealing with John Werner, Assistant Service Manager and Rich Uhl even though I never talked to Rich as he didn't return my phone call but I heard John speaking with someone in the back ground and he mentioned his name.

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