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October 31, 2018, DarrenAmbler
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

You think being publicly identified and in the process of being sued for slander would make you stop posting this shit, Megan/Lexx.

BTW I'm not really Darren LOL, I'm an internet troll who got sick of your spam on these precious websites.

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January 30, 2019, honest-babe
No Darren i would think being exposed for your life of Bed hopping and Prostitution and drugs which occurred long before you met and seduced me- would possibly wise you up but no chance of that. You are too Brain dead and immature to admit anything or god forbid take accountability for your Immoralities and other secretive sick behaviors. Everyone knows- give it up STOP trying to blame me and others for your lack of morality of very serious SEX and Drug addiction problem/ You are incompetent- unfit as a parent and a dangerous liar. PERIOD!

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