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October 31, 2018, DarrenAmbler
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

You think being publicly identified and in the process of being sued for slander would make you stop posting this shit, Megan/Lexx.

BTW I'm not really Darren LOL, I'm an internet troll who got sick of your spam on these precious websites.

Complaint comments:

March 29, 2019, Princess-Tara
Message to Darren Ambler. Darren I can't believe after all you have done. The way you treated people and the large number of strange beds you occupied over these past 2-3 years that you have the Balls to publicly post CRAP on the Internet Bashing other people and attempting to defend your Immoral Behaviors and total disregard for the others besides Miss Bentzley that you sexually abused- cheated on- caused physical and mental pain and then infected a number of your former sex angels with your disgusting Sexual Diseases ... Are you out of your dam mind?? What are you ll about?
After reading all your obsessive rantings on this site and others. It seems you are attacking this Miss Bentzley and making her the scapegoat for your indecent and "free lustful" behaviors. Well- I am telling you this is not Megan Bentzley. This is one of your other short term girlfriend's that you met with early on in your "Screwing Career". I did not know at that time that you were Bonging every women in New Jersey- Pennsylvania nd New York. I certainly know now/ You better grow up and act like the man that you tried to prove you were. Which I never thought you acted like a man. Darren- Miss Bentzley is only one out of a long list of women who had the misfortune of meeting you and then being violated repeatedly by a 42 year old homely insecure cold blooded idiot. I must agree with what i recently read- You are lacking in certain Male areas just like what has been posted on line about your lack of success in the bedroom.
January 30, 2019, honest-babe
No Darren i would think being exposed for your life of Bed hopping and Prostitution and drugs which occurred long before you met and seduced me- would possibly wise you up but no chance of that. You are too Brain dead and immature to admit anything or god forbid take accountability for your Immoralities and other secretive sick behaviors. Everyone knows- give it up STOP trying to blame me and others for your lack of morality of very serious SEX and Drug addiction problem/ You are incompetent- unfit as a parent and a dangerous liar. PERIOD!

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