Megan Christine Bentzley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Darren Ambler's Stalker

Darren Ambler's Stalker
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October 30, 2018, DarrenAmbler
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Notice how every single cheater site has 1000 articles on a man named Darren Ambler and is always posted by the same crazy woman, usually pretending to be multiple people having a “meetup”? She’d almost be successful at that if all of her fake accounts didn’t have the exact same crazed typing style. She’s a bitter ex of Darren Ambler and seems to be in a state of psychosis or untreated schizophrenia.

Lexx Envy/Megan Christine Benzley/Megan Wintermute is being sued for slander. What “Lexx Envy” is actually notorious for is slandering people in both her personal and professional life with completely false accusations on shady websites all over the internet. Below are men she has slandered with the same accusations and COURT RECORD of her being SUED FOR SLANDER. Below you will see examples of her writing. Search any well respected pro domme in Philadelphia and you will see she wrote very similar things about them as well. She has slandered, harassed, outed personal info and stalked pro dommes in the Philadelphia area under the guise that it’s her stalker out to get her. There is no stalker. There never was. It’s all her.

Also Megan Bentzley: Violet St. Claire, Jordan Sinclair, Lexx Envy, Gia, whatever fake usernames she uses on PlayerBlock.

Her court case for slander:

She has a pattern of harassment and her mugshot can be found easily via google search “Megan Christine Bentley” on harassment charge.


Complaint comments:

November 30, 2018, Scapegoat_111
YES- Megan Bentzley may have harassment and or slander issues with some people. However- this Darren Ambler was NEVER Slandered. He is a known Sex Addict- Drug Abuser- Male Prostitute that has seized the opportunity of Megan's legal troubles to his advantage. Darren Ambler once again is attempting to twist everything and make himself the poor little Victim.

Why is he posting info about Megan's legal issues? He is attempting to make people believe that she slandered him also. However- as per usual the Coward has no Proof and he has NEVER filed any case against her. WHY?? because Darren Ambler knows quite well he has NO CASE against Megan Bentzley. Darren is attempting to muddy the waters and make the public believe just because she has legal issues with others that she automatically did the same things to Darren Ambler- LIES- Then lets see the coward's court case here?? Does not exist- never did never will. That creep has no case. All that was printed about him is TRUE.

Some of these TRUE posts about Ambler are over 2 years old. Darren Ambler did not know Megan when some of these posts were put on line??? That proves the Narcissist Liar was screwing other females whom he mad very angry and upset when they discovered the Pervert was using them and engaging in multiple sex affairs. It is doubtful this "Poor excuse for a Man" will ever GROW BALLS and act like the MAN he has tried so hard to be. Darren Ambler is just the opposite of a MAN. He has no standards- self respect- self esteem- morals- Charechter or personality. A total shallow outcast. Social misfit. A very unattractive one at that.

Take accountability for your own actions for ONCE in your life Darren Ambler. No one has one bit of RESPECT for you and never will. Hate to tell you what the reactions are when your name is mentioned in front of most people. Not GOOD!!

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