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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I bought my rattling, shaking pile of crap Maytag Neptune frontload washer in May 2005. What a mistake!!! First of all, the technicians were losers! They put it in my washroom, plugged it in, said they balanced it and left because they had too much paperwork to do and had to get going. So I tried it out and it worked ok. Second time I used it, it came unbalanced. I thought I would just balance it myself instead of calling a technician. See, Maytag gives you an incentive not to call them during the first year of warranty. If you don't call a technician within that first year, you get $100 gift card to use towards another appliance. Doesn't seem like a lot but it would come in handy. So for about 10 months we kept balancing the machine EVERY time we washed clothes. So warranty is almost up and guess what.....machine starts leaking. The leveling feet are all rusted and there is water on the floor under the machine. So we have to call a technician. The idiot comes out and says it isn't leaking. That was on Sept. 28, 2009. Ok. so we tried it again. Gee, guess what. Leaking again! So called the technician again on 10/4/2009. He comes out, takes it all apart and says it isn't leaking. I said then why are the feet all rusted and water all over. He said it was because of our sink. Wasn't the sink because no water under the sink only the junky washer. I said the hell with it. I'm sick of technicians and I'm sick of Maytag so we let it go. What the hell! After another year of hell balancing the junk every single time we wash, I finally emailed Maytag and told them what I though of them. I got a call back from a woman who was sympathetic but did nothing to help us. She told us we needed to call the service place to see if it was under warranty. Of course, the extended expired 2 weeks before we call. So after arguing with the service person, I called the Maytag customer service woman back, left her a nice LONG message on her machine and of course she has not called me back. BUYER BEWARE!! NEVER BUY A MAYTAG. If I could drop this thing of a cliff, I would in a heartbeat.

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