Max Armatys Armatys Contruction Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Lousy Work, Please don't ever use this contractor if you want to keep your sanity and h - Max Armatys

Max Armatys
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I entered into a contract with Max Armatys on 8/29/06 with the expectationa that he was a custom home builder. Was I ever wrong!!!!!!!!!!! It took a year to get to a point where the house was almost livable and we had to make it livable ourselves. We have numerous structural and mechanical issues. We have been throught the TRCC process and all of our complaints was substantiated but Max Armatys continues to refuse to fix the problems. I have not been able to consistently work, I have been sick since this nightmare started, I have lossed most of my hair. We have plumbing issues, electrical issues, crossed up wires, had to replace the septic system, brick falling off of the house. You name it, We have had it. We are still trying to get him to honor the contract, but to no evail.

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