MAX AGENCY Max Agency scammers needs to be stopped in scamming more consumers Toronto, Ontario - MAX AGENCY

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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Max Agency is a big con artiste. They reap off consumers and are definately fraudulent in their dealings. My 17 year old son was looking for work. They solicited him and insisted that he bring his Parents to pay the various fees that they knew that he would not be able to pay for. They said that he was very good and they wanted to represent him ASAP but he needed professional pictures. (Walmart would not do). They convince me that they could get a very good deal from their photographer for $787.00 and showed me on a computer job request that were coming in and they could not wait for my son to get started.
These photos turned out to be poorly taken by a amateur photographer in some dungeon down at King/Dufferin but then they said that we only needed to choose four prints and they would be blown up and also run cards for a cost of $452.00
For an additional $485.00 to put it on the internet because their clients go to the Internet and recruit from there for print jobs.We were then informed that we had to report availability every Friday before 8.00 p.m. Dec 2009 - June 2010 not one single job then after bugging them they sent him on a $50.00 job that took 4 months to be paid.
Every week my son reported and no damn job and then one Friday he forgot and they called and said that he was being released for failure to report.Ain't that a crap???
10 months of reporting and when I inquired they say that it happens like that sometimes and then you get a big thousand dollar job so wait. Wait for what???? Wait to get fedup with this stupid reporting and for them to say ah ha got ya!! These people rip me off of $1683.70 They need to be stopped. Can't even use the useless pictures

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