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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I was looking for a mattress and tried craigslist. There was someone posting so often it was annoying enough for me to call. He claimed he had new mattresses at low prices, and showed me a bunch. He didnt have the one that was advertised (Of course bait and switch) so I ended up buying another one having already driven out there. The one he advertised was horrible, and he didnt even have one there. The one I ended getting was 700.00 more, and was about 900.00 total which was more than the one I saw at Mattress Firm, but after a long sales story and a ton of pressure I bought it. When I got it home and started to put sheets on it I noticed blood stains, and it looked like some kind of food stain. I called them back and Darrell claimed they were all brand new, and I must have done that to the mattress. He refused to take my calls after that. So there you go, if you want a used mattress at a higher than new price, call that weird looking dude in Donnelson, and get mattress. As far as most are concerned he is a liar and a cheat, and will not make things right. It should be illegal to sell used mattresses, and if you do business with a skunk, don't be suprised when the deal stinks. Don't do business with this guy.

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