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November 19, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Please do not use this company for cleaning services. I called this company for chimney cleaning services. I specifically asked the manager what services were included when I made the appointment. I was quoted 79.99 for chimney cleaning and chimney inspection.

I have used another company for the last couple of years and received complete chimney cleanings and inspections. I wanted to try Master Cleaning's services based off a prior recommendation. The prices were comparable between the two companies so it was worth a shot. I requested a certain technician based off the same prior recommendation.

This company sent another technician other than the one I requested. I never received a courtesy phone call about the technician change. This should have been my first clue that this company was not reputable. The technician took about 4 minutes to "sweep" my chimney. Then informed me that he was finished. I asked him about the advertised "inspection" and he said there isn't one. I noticed that my fireplace had not been cleaned and now had the mess that the technician created by "sweeping" my chimney. I asked him when he planned on cleaning this mess and he said he it wasn't part of the service.

He informed me he did not have the equipment to clean the fireplace but would be more than happy to use my vacuum cleaner to do so. The technician did offer a $20.00 discount for providing such crappy service. I called the manager shortly after wards about my experience with his company. I was very surprised to receive a hostile manager that stated they do not inspect chimneys especially after he told me they do when I made the appointment. His response to the change in technicians was the requested technician was off for the day. He felt they had provided me a great service by taking $20.00 off the original price of $80.00.

The manager was very rude and unprofessional and offered me a sarcastic compensation of having my requested technician come out the next day and clean the prior technicians mess. The manager wanted to charge me $20.00 for having the second technician come back out. So the end result is this company wasted my time by not providing the promised service. They should not be allowed to conduct business in the manner they are currently doing.

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