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November 13, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I placed an order for two maple bats on October 1, 2006. I NEVER received them. That's right, Mash Bats, Northern Bat Company, Starting 9, whatever else they want to call themselves, gipped me of $200. I had used this company several years prior for 3 white ash bats. The bats performed really well for me so I wanted to purchase another couple since the ones I had finally broke. So I ordered the bats on 10/1/06 and received confirmation from Pay Pal that the order was sent through and charged. I received a confirmation email from Dave Valentini on 10/3/06 confirming that my order looked good and that they would get right on the bats. I didn't hear anything for a month and was leaving town for a few days so I emailed Dave on 11/3/06 to check on my order. He responded the same day telling me they were applying the "final black finish" and then would personalize the bats and ship them.
I waited a few more weeks and when I hadn't heard anything I emailed him again. No response. I called the two listed phone numbers on the web site. No response. I sent a message using the IM device on the web site. Still no response. I tried calling a few dozen more times and leaving messages. No response. Since then I have filed a Better Business Bureau report and found out that this is common with Mash Bats. They often take money and don't ship the product. I also filed a report with Pay Pal. Unfortunately I have yet to receive my money back and I am out $210. Supposedly Mash Bats has a professional contract with Manny Ramirez and others. You are just another in a long list of authorities I am filing complaints with. I have records for every detail and will gladly share them if needed. If you should have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them for you.

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