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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Our company leased a phone system (Comdial) through Marlin Leasing Corp - what a mistake! We could have leased the system through American Express or some other reputable financial services company, but we just took the deal that the vendor quoted us, because it was convenient. Marlin's interest rate was high but that was just the beginning: it was a 5-year lease and long before the lease came to an end the equipment was obsolete! We first asked Marlin if we could end the lease early - you know, negotiate a buyout or early-termination fee, etc..., but they flatly refused: pay the whole 60 months or else. So we asked them if we could pre-pay the lease (all payments due) and return the equipment early, just to get rid of it and move on. Same answer - NO! So, we had to pack up the whole system and store it, making monthly payments, until the last payment was made, the whole 5 years. We called them when the lease ended and, to our amazement, they tried to sell us on renewing the lease for the SAME (obsolete) SYSTEM! Of course we declined, and that's when the "fun" started: first, they said we'd have to contact somebody else at Marlin to get the return "instructions". Gee, that's convenient. This took some work on our part, leaving messages and waiting for the "instructions" to come. It turns out they wanted us to ship the system, at our expense, to a 3rd party who would "verify" that everything was returned and the equipment was in good order. Not only that, it was our responsibility to get a copy of the "report" from this 3rd party and send it to Marlin. It was implied that if we failed to follow these steps we would not be in compliance with the terms of the lease and would be subject to loss of our security deposit and perhaps additional charges. It took several attempts to both get the "report" and also to get it acknowledged by Marlin. Overall, I'd have to say that Marlin Leasing Corp. has not just "poor" customer support, but outright offensive policies and practices toward customers who are not renewing their leases. I wouldn't do business with them under any circumstances.

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