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April 6, 2011, Anonymous
United States

It wasn't his first scam but this report starts when Mark Bernard Thomas started a company called H2Options Pty Ltd. He got he friend to invest his life savings ($100,000) into the company so they could make rain water tanks and sell them in Queensland, Australia.
Thomas got his friend to be the only Director of the company while Thomas run the business and racked huge debts. When one of his creditors was owed over $500,000 they started chasing him. When the creditors came looking for their money they found that Thomas was not a Director and so they chased the friend. The friend couldn't stand the heat and hung himself. Thomas the let H2Options go into liquidation and walk without any remorse or way for the creditors to pursue him. He left a lot of consumers without product and warranty support. Thomas then started a company called H2Options International Pty Ltd and away he went trying it all over again. H2Options International Pty Limited was deregistered on 14 November 2010. On 4 February 2011, after H2Options International has been deregistered Thomas registered the domain name He has setup a web site and is offering water tanks for sale. The web site does not identify who is selling the tanks, it does not disclose their Australian Business Number, a business requirement for all Australian businesses; it does not identify any physical address. He is out racking up credit with suppliers and the web site offers to sell to unsuspecting consumers water tanks, pumps etc. I have had previous experiences with Thomas and he practises serious retaliation and threats so I am not prepared to leave my details here. Avoid contact with him at all costs!

Complaint comments:

September 14, 2017, tankman57
Yes, he lives on the Sunshine Coast now. He also fleeced me of thousands of dollars. I urge everyone to stay clear of this serial offender and his pump and tank related businesses. He has many of them on the go. Deluge Tanks, Under Deck Tanks, Artesian Tanks, Pumps Galore. He's a conman.
August 5, 2016, WebGuy55
Interesting feedback, as I have provided services for Mark Thomas's business for a number of years, and can honestly say I have had no issues when dealing with him, and he genuinely wants to offer his clients the best possible service and product.

I'll admit I have never purchased his products as I have no need for them, but as far as dealing with him on business matters, he hasn't stepped a foot wrong since I have known him.
June 5, 2015, Conn
His Phone number is the next post
June 5, 2015, Conn
Mark Thomas do you still live in QLD
June 5, 2015, Conn
June 5, 2015, Conn
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June 5, 2015, Conn
hi , Is this you Mark Smith from FACEBOOK
June 5, 2015, Conn
this guy nice
June 5, 2015, Conn
this guy ,what can you say that has not already been said
July 17, 2014, thomasisashit
This is dead right. I too have been ripped off by this conman.

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