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Mariano Ong
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
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Mariano Ong Tan Ka scam syndicate

Mariano Ong Tan Ka AXA Life scam

This profile is to serve the community and let them know the truth and act as a platform for victims of this person. Feel free to contribute on this This person Mariano Ong Tan Ka together with Maxima Tiu , Bermin Tiu and Armin Tiu is a swindler! Not just now but already in high school he swindled a pastor for the amount of 65,000 pesos! All along the way to present, he fooled classmates, known since high school, and fellow students during his college years, which forced him to change university 3 times and after all he even didn't graduate. Been busy with just small money for years, his real cash cow started in 2007 with a business in crediting rice. This business was setup according to the Ponzi-scheme where money of new investors is used to pay the profit or interest of old investors. This can be successfully continued till the point, that new investments aren't coming in anymore. Then its time to panic.. Mariano Ong Tan Ka didn't act just by himself. He was assisted by his wife, Maxima Tiu , Bermin Tiu , Carmencita Ong Tan Ka and at least 2 fake contact persons: The concept is not entirely new for him since his father made a scandal too in the past but then with dried fish. Mariano Ong Tan Ka is a born swindler as he has the ability to tell lies continuously, ending up in his own (fairy tale) world. That means that for instance he makes you (as a reader) believe how I am, how I think, what I like or dislike, everything that can help creating a (bad) image of me. Also he tries to make me feel good by caring for me, giving me attention and small stuff up to the point that it seems, he loves me more than my own partner. Anything to gain my trust! To support the good intentions even more, he also acts very religious. These methods are quite typical for swindlers. Beside being born as a swindler, Mariano Ong Tan Ka is also driven by extreme jealousy. Born in total poverty in a poor family, far from being the handsome guy of the Philippines, and not being the smartest makes him feel discriminated and drives him to criminal acts to get what other people in his environment already have. That can be material things like cell phones, laptops, cars and even houses but also spiritual things like gestures, a nice and loving partner, those things that can make a human being really happy. From October 2007 till October 2008, Mariano Ong Tan Ka managed to gather at least 13 million PhP (approx. 260,000 USD) but estimations rise up to 20 million PhP. A significant part of that amount was in the meantime consumed by her extravagant lifestyle and big spending pattern. The victims are numerous and vary in their amount of damage. What has been clear is that he was absolutely not afraid to get even poor people's money. Everybody knows that life can be struggling in the Philippines but by hard work, you can save and build some capital. Unfortunately no matter how hard you work or strive, you can also meet the wrong people at the wrong moment Mariano Ong Tan Ka disappeared October 28, 2008 and has been missing since that time although we know that he left for Xiamen this November 26. His wife left already for Japan on September 19 to work there, but has been missing either. They left their small child in their home. The maid of Mariano Ong Tan Ka takes care of them but unfortunately she also takes care of her boss by telling lies to the victims. To make it more worse, she is even supported by his complete family and maids, meaning they fully agree on his acts! Being a liar in genes, means that Mariano Ong Tan Ka also make stories to his family, who tend to believe him of course. Love makes blind, that's for sure, but if really nothing is wrong with the person Mariano Ong Tan Ka, why would he hide and flee? Being a liar in genes also means that he was not afraid to blemish the name of his wife and his family, use the name of his son and even use the name of the Lord.

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