MAGIC SEVEN Magic Seven is a big scam so beware, do not join Not known, Nationwide - MAGIC SEVEN

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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Magic Seven is one of the biggest cons online, ripping people off all over the world. They first lure you in by making big promises to promote for you so you won't have to, you will just become filthy rich so that you can become the next big millionaire in two or less years. Their nothing but a band of thieves. I bought into their scam and I paid them $60 dollars to promote their site for me using my URL they gave me. The promotion was for 10 non upgraded referrals min, and 5 upgraded pros min, who would pay into their program, under me, in 30 days, or money back guaranteed. But wouldn't you know it, I never got but 2 referrals from them and neither one upgraded to pro in the whole 30 days. I wasn't surprised when they did not honor their money back guarantee when I asked for a refund and instead ignored my emails entirely. So I lost my $60 to a bunch of good for nothing crooks.
They may think they got away with it but in the end everyone dies and faces the Maker. He will avenge me. In the end He does all of us who belong to Him. So I am here to warn whoever will listen, do not trust this site. Do not give them a cent, for they are weasels and I will devote my life to make sure no one else will be scammed by them and all like them. Even Geostring, the site they promise to give us 5 free referrals just for joining, has warned me in an email that Magic Seven is nothing but a con. The email from geostring told me not to trust them, and that no one who ever joined Magic Seven ever made enough from geostring as magic Seven claimed and none that ever joined Magic Seven who joined geostring through Magic seven's url, ever made the minimal amount even to be paid out by geostring. That there, plus my own warning testimony, if anyone joins still, they are an idiot and deserve to be ripped off!

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