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January 15, 2013, Anonymous
United States

We used this company to design our website because a friend works there. WOW what a mistake. From the outset this company was a pain to deal with, never lived up to their promises, routinely provided substandard work product and were totally unprofessional to deal with. To the point that our firm considered filing litigation in Colorado against them, however the cost was prohibitive since our business in located in California. These knuckleheads never really delivered the website promised and the site isn't how we wanted it to be, but they had extracted so much money from us we couldn't afford to continue with designers to make the site look and feel the way we wanted. UNFORTUNATELY, part of our "contract" included our hosting our site with this rip off of a company for one full year. This company held our account hostage and refused to activate the site on the web until they extorted additional funds from us, all the while when our customers looked for us on the web all they saw was a statement on a blank white page reading, "This Account Has Been Suspended". All our complaints and the like fell on the deaf ears of the alleged leader of this band of ripoff artists, BJ Kellogg. Now our year hosting contract is apparently up, because we learned today from one of our clients that our site again displays "This Account Has Been Suspended". Upon calling this group of knuckleheads we were informed we have been sent emails daily for three weeks notifying us of the required payment, however, in checking our inbox there is nary a single email from this entity. We were further informed the company policy does NOT include contacting any client by telephone (or any other means) prior to shutting services down. We feel like we are in the recently released Ben Affleck film "Argo" being held hostage by evil since this company won't provide us our web files or database files to so we can switch our hosting account to another provider until we pay for hosting for another month. DO NOT ENGAGE THIS COMPANY TO DO ANY WORK FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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December 21, 2017, MadwireSucks
I too own a small business that was taken for a 6 month contractural ride at the tune of $995 a month... I got so few calls that I could actually identify as originating from Madwire's supposed efforts, that I was consistently on the phone with them asking what was going on. I received a bunch of excuses, such as I was not spending enough to compete with other companies of the same type...

I call BS! After my contract with them ended (Thank Goodness!). I started my own adwords campaign. I am not familiar with adwords AT ALL. Guess what, I got two phone calls on the first day, both directly attributable to my Google ads campaign. I will only be spending $300 a month now. Do not get taken by these people. I basically paid 6k for a new website (it is nice, but not that nice...) and two phone calls, even by their internal record keeping systems they failed to produce results!
August 28, 2017, Annoymous
I ABSOLUTELY agree with all of the BAD and well deserved complaints about Madwire/360 Marketing. They are FRAUDS and will only take your money. Please DO NOT work with these people.

I'm a small business owner and I wasted time working with these people not to mention lost thousands of $$$'s. For instance they want you to pay them for ads they run with google or facebook and won't show you 1 actual receipt only one system generated. That is a RED flag!

It is my intention by this post that no one falls victim to their deceptive and predatory practices. I firmly believe they spend all of their real time creating videos and responses to customer complaints lying to people just how great they are.
January 13, 2016, Chris Svendsen
This company is a scam !!!!!!!!!
This company is a scam !!!!!!!!!
This company is a scam !!!!!!!!!
They flood sites with fake positive reviews. If you have website built by them you will never get your website back or be able to transfer it. They will claim your website belongs to them.

There is a class action lawsuit being filed for there corrupt business tactics.
July 29, 2015, Tina E.
I wish I had read this before I was a victim of Madwire media. They are in the business to make money for themselves not for you.
Stay away or you will regret it . This is not from a competitor as they claim all the bad reviews are form, it is from a victim.
July 29, 2015, Tina E.
I wish I had read this before I was a victim of Madwire media. They are in the business to make money for themselves not for you.
Stay away or you will regret it . This is not from a competitor as they claim all the bad reviews are form, it is from a victim.
March 12, 2015, madaboutmadwire
I have just been contacted by an attorney seeking a class action after Madwire.

Please reach out to her she is currently investigating the outrageous and what appears to be fraudulent acts by Madwire Media - not only in their actions with dissatisfied customers but also in the initimadation and violation of First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

I would love to have you join in.

Anne Singer, Esq.
P.O. Box 19368
Newbury Park CA 91320
Tel. 805-375-2010
Fax. 805-309-2347
October 20, 2014, SonOfDad
It appears that there are MANY bad reviews of Madwire out there and, sadly, there are also many methods that have been employed by Madwire to ensure that those reviews are buried in search results. Their own "executives" (I use this term loosely because they call their glorified account managers "Marketing Executives", which is a joke and another story for another time) comb sites such as this and post "retorts" in defense, such as the one above, in order to salvage their horrid reputation. In fact, you'll even find videos placed on Youtube by Madwire for the express purpose of defending against all of the negative reviews!

Who else does this?!? Most companies focus on their positive reputations instead of spending time creating videos in an attempt to tell the public that they aren't as bad as everyone says!

Finally, Madwire has actually paid to have negative reviews removed on such websites as Yelp and, from an employment rating perspective, Glassdoor.

My recommendation is this:
When you search for reviews for Madwire, be sure and go deep into the search results to find the real reviews. Don't be fooled by the sanitized "reviews" created by Madwire's own employees - do the work and search for the reviews that contain actual substance and data.

And yes, I'm sure another Madwire "Executive" or Manager will respond to this comment in a similarly defensive manner while masquerading as an impartial observer. Wait for it...
April 4, 2013, runpledstiltskin
Wow, the comments from satisfied customers along with their websites to view is staggering... which leads me to believe that you're one of these people that are never happy, love to complain and have your feelings laying out like tentacles just waiting for someone to step on them so you can moan. Next time you hire someone, you should have find a website you like and say "make me one similar to this style" and that way when someone does custom work, you get what you want verses getting designers to do work only to have you pout and and say you hate it. And what did you expect for non-payment? All hosting sites will suspend an account for non-payment. It sucks but it sure gets the attention of someone who won't return phone calls. And then you want the database files released so you can take their work and and give it to a cheap hosting site? Dude... Having a good friend in Oregon who builds and hosts, I am privy to all the guys like you out there. Have ever been satisfied with a look you approved of?

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