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Luke Wodiuk
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Luke said sure we can get you in something so I found a truck on his lot and gave him 450.00 to hold it for me. I was getting this truck for my 18 year old son but it was a suprize so i diddent have my son with me anyways the next weekend me and my son went down to make the next payment.. I had another 450.00 to give him so thats 900.00i right. well my son liked a car he had on the lot better and the down payment was only 750.00 but Luke said he already had that car sold but he down payment if i really wanted that car and was willing to pay a little extra he could do that cause it was a good friend of his who already bought the car but his friend wouldent mind getting a different car so for 200.00 dollars more on the down payment it would be all good. So that would make to downpayment 950.00 and with that days payment ive already given him 900.00. we agreed since i only had 50.00 more dollars to pay i could take the car home that day. well come to find out he diddent want to do the paperwork again so he just left it as if i was still buying the truck. come the next weekend I give him 270.00 more dollars bringing what ive payed him so far 1170.00 the next day he comes and takes the car when im sleeping. i call him in the morning and he tells me since he diddent change the paper work the computer system seen me as needed to be repossed but if i could bring him some more money on it he would give me the car back. so i take him 70.00 more dollars bringing the total money given to him by me to 1250.00 but before he gives me the car back he wants to know how much money i will be bringing him come the next weekend. I was like why he said i told you the down payment for the truck was 1500.00 dollars so you still owe me 250.00 dollars. fed up with at this point i say fine if thats what i need to do to get the car back. the next weekend all i am able to send him is 200.00 three days later he comes and takes the car again with all may stuff in it. some of it brand new that i just got at walmart my work boots all my shower stuff cause i work out of town.

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