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Luke Jaten
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December 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Around October 2009, I received an e-mail from Luke Jaten /postcard profits. and ordered his tapes for $260.00. The testemomials of others indicated you could make a lot of money in a short amount of time. A month later, I get a call from personal wealth academy, claiming they will tutor me for 20 weeks, and I will make all my money back in a short time, meaning 3 months or so. They wanted a credit card only, of $10,000.00.

I did some homework on scam reports and at the time, most of the complaints were, "I didn't get my money back quick enough on the tapes." I had used post cards before, and I knew they could work. but I need direction on the information type business.

]Each week , the tutor Grant called and talked about what I was doing, I followed the program to the letter. spending an additional $3500.00 for list, mailing post cards, printing, phone setup to take the call. He give you a list of 27 programs, all garbage, generally stuff to sell. I kept asking about all these people who made $11,000.00 in 4 weeks, How did this happen.?

As time went on, I could see, no one in the group except for maybe 6 people made the money , the ones on the video sales pieces.

I kept asking during the time I paid for,asking for proof of people who made this kind of money. Grant claimed no one did, but sometime they would. I called to speak to Luke, he said he was looking into this personal wealth academy who he gave his product to, and had many complaints. Bottom line, no refund. I know I had to pay for some training but this was not even offered.

But here is the worst part, when I asked for a copy of my signature e-mail contract, they sent me a totally different one, now saying "no gaurantees, your own your own.

That is not what they first gave me. I do accounting work, and I was realistic, in all I did. I made one sale of $80.00. The whole thing is a scam. He is still peddling this stuff. Stay away. and go to "Ive tried that" for more massive scam of another $8000.00, they took another woman I did go to the FCC about this and I am waiting for a reply

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