lone star chevrolet unqualified personel in the maintenence dept. caused serious engine dammage to my vehicle teague, Texas - lone star chevrolet

lone star chevrolet
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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I took my 2007 Chevy Aveo to Lone Star Chevrolet in Teague Texas to have the timing belt replaced, I took my own belt, the vehicle was running perfect when I left it for the repairs, when I returned the mechanic told me that he had to use all of the tension adjustment to get the belt tight, I took the car and before I could get home, about 35 miles, it jumped time, I took it back the next day and they put on a factory replacement belt, it fit fine but the dammage had already been done, if the mechanic had installed the aftermarket belt propperly he would have known that it was not fitting properly, I was never advised that I should not drive the vehicle with the after market belt, I should have been warned that it did not fit properly, now they will not give me any assistance in the matter that was caused by thier incompentence. I purchased the vehicle there and have not had any satisfactory assistance of any kind since the sale, I would avoid doing business with this dealership.

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