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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My husband & I took out a loan on our only vehicle we have a few months ago. We were paying it every month just like we were supposed too, until October. My Husband has a back injury from a car accident that he was in 8 years ago and its getting worse. He has 2 ruptured disc and they are pinching on his sciatica nerve which is the main nerve in your body, and his Doctor put him off work and on Family Medical leave Act (FMLA) until he has surgery on his back, even then we don't know if my husband will be able to return to work. We have 3 children ages 9, 7 & 4 and I do not work but have been looking everywhere for something that I can be home in the evenings as my Husband can't handle all three children with his back injury. My Husband and I both spoke to Loan max on numerous occasions telling them what was going on and keeping them up to date on everything. I was waiting on my money to come so I could start paying them on time again. Well December 1st our vehicle was repossed, and they told me in order to get it back they would need $546.00 which I knew was what we were behind and I was struggling to come up with that. Then I got a call from Lisa which is an area manager telling me that we needed $946.00 in 15 days or our vehicle is going to the auction. $546.00 past due plus $400.00 Reposession fee. I explained that I wasn't able to do the $946.00 but I could do the $546.00 which is what we were behind but they wouldn't take that. She told me that my vehicle would be sold at the auction since I couldn't come up with the money. Its just so unfair that they do this after we've stayed in contact with them and explained everything to them about our situation and being this close to Christmas. We already can't get our children gifts for Christmas now they have no way to get to the doctors nor school functions. We borrowed a total of 1100.00 now their wanting us to pay $2360.00 back?? I don't understand that at all but you can't get any answers from these people at all! Their rude and they just hang up on you. If anyone has any ideas we can do to getting our vehicle back and stopping these people please email me. My email is Thank you very much! Also the manager Tracy gave me the number to the company who repossed my vehicle and said that they might work with me on the repo fee, so I called them three times that morning right after they left and they were taking my vehicle about an hour away. I called them right after they left and left two messages for someone to call me back then the third time I finally got the guy who actually repossed our vehicle, he said that he would've been glad to work with me on lowering the fee but he had already turned the paper work in.. Its awful funny that 5 minutes after we hung up, my neighbor saw the same guy with my Vehicle and someone elses on the back 2 minutes from my house. Their company is located 1 hour from my home also, so I don't see how the paper work got turned in when my neighbor saw him & my vehicle on the back 2 minutes from my house after the gentleman & I hung up. Something just doesn't add up. If anyone has any ideas please contact us and let us know. Thank you!

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