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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
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i've read many reports on here about fake psychics and claims that their predictions didn;t come true. i have spent 100's of dollars on readings and know that i have a problem. i wish i had found this site before i spent so much.

im interested to find out what kind of questions people who have been scammed are asking? i have been asking if my relationship is over and should i just move on, will he move to be with me..etc. all of the readers have answered the same thing that he will come to me and that we have such a connection that he can't leave it like this but he has to work it out for himself.

i started consulting before i broke up with him...i was consulting about whether i should leave and go to the city where i could work..i was unhappy where we lived and couldnt work for myself..i was told to go and he would follow...for some crazy reason i have been consulting them over and over to maybe be proved that they are all rubbish and that someone would maybe tell me that its over and he wont crazy is that?? however they have all stuck by the same predictions and all claim this will work out in the next 2 months. im not blaming anyone as i have control of my own just interested to see if anyone else has been told the same kind of thing over and over again and what was it you were asking about?

is it standard to tell someone that the guy will come to you when he works it out..that he does really love you bla bla bla. i have been told to cut contact with him for now to let him realise he misses me and needs me..something that i am struggling to do esp when he mess me saying how he is feeling and how hard he is having it with us being apart.

some of the readers i used i would rather not out as predictions aint not happened but after reading on this im not holding out too much hope.

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