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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Our church contracted with Lifetouch to take pictures for a new Church Directory. We had a "sitting" on 10/23/2010, leaning on two old stacked up crate (boxes). After the "shooting", the reps were very "pushy" to buy more pictures with frames, etc. besides the one free photo for us and the one for the Directory. We originally ordered three photos for $90.90,and they charged our credit card. A couple of days later, I cancelled the order, only opting for the free picture for us and the one for the Directory, however, this company has been delaying our refund, advising us, that it's up to our bank to receive the credit of the above amount. Later, we were told that the free picture will be sent to the Church instead to our address. We have learned our lesson and will NEVER do business with this company again. Buyer BEWARE.

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