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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I live in Tampa as well and I went to the facility IN PERSON to cancel only to be told I had to call corporate, corporate informed me they would send me a Cancelation email that i ABSOLUTELY had to reply to. The email had VERY explicit, ridiculous rules how to reply back, which I followed by hitting R_E_P_L_Y to THEIR email they sent. I understood I would be charged 1 final payment and that would be the end Right? WRONG I canceled October 15, 2010, they took the November payment and I put LFF behind me. Only to find ANOTHER draft taken in December! When i called about it the girl said "well did you get a confirmation because if not you didn't cancel" i insisted that i did not get a confirmation but i may have gone into my SPAM and that people have lives and are not vigilantly sitting by their emails waiting on something they didn't know they needed to. She basically told me "oh well, too bad" I immediately asked for a manager who absolutely REFUSED to budge even though i told her this would overdraft my account and it's Christmas for God's sake, i was in TEARS by the end of the conversation but still NOTHING! NO Compassion for THEIR mistake. I don't work for LFF so how am I accountable for them NOT sending me a confirmation, i canceled that's it! So i drove to my LFF and reamed out the manager there, who called and spoke to the same woman and Lo and behold guess what?? It was a glitch in the REPLY e-mail address, definitely NOT my fault and she STILL refused to reimburse me until she "Looked into it further" well let me tell you, if i don't get my money back I WILL find others this has happened to because it's obvious LFF has Criminal business practices
and I will file a class action Law Suit! It's $50 bucks! Stop being stingy and reimburse me! The customer is ALWAYS right has gone out the door..

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