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LifeCo Insurance
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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Stay far away from LifeCo Insurance. After some investigation on my part, I've found that they are run by a few unlicensed people working out of an unmarked building in San Bernardino, CA. They cold call and try to find people who are willing to change insurers. They supposedly only refer you to an actual insurance agency (St. Farm, Farmer's, etc.) but they take a large up-front fee that they DO NOT categorize as a broker's fee.
You will not see anything for your money, trust me. You will get nothing but a run-around if you call back to get details about any progress. The only address they list is a Las Vegas corporate address which is a false address.
Lastly, the man in charge of this company is someone named Shahvand Aryana, who is in litigation with many other people and entities for false business practices and fraud. You will be defrauded by this supposed 'insurance brokerage' if you pay for their services, trust me.

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