Life Coach that Rips People OFF! - Pam Miranda

Pam Miranda
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May 11, 2014, HappyFace12
Los Angeles, United States

Watch out for Pam Miranda and her bait and switch business practices. Her advertisement said she was a “Life Coach” but when I arrived at her office she said “Psychic Reader???” When I arrived at her office she immediately started to read my palm and said something very bad was going to happen to me in the future. She demanded $2,000.00 in cash, small bills, multiple denominations for specific details. When I refused and headed for the door she tried to scare me with more omens, yelling, and trying to block my path to the exit. I don’t know how she gets away with this. It must be because she is manipulative, dishonest, and doesn’t care about the people she hurts. I initially met with her because I thought she was a bureaucrat, but that is not true either.
Be safe not sorry, avoid Pam Miranda at all cost!

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May 11, 2014, HappyFace12
This is definitely ONE BAD COOKIE!

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