Liberty Settlement Liberty Settlement contacted me and told me that my debts could be settled for 40-60% less than what I owed after being enrolled f - Liberty Settlement

Liberty Settlement
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November 25, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I was contacted by Liberty Settlement and told that my debts could be reduced as much as 40-60% of what I owed. An account was opened up with Global Client Solutions which deposited the monthly fee for this program. Creditors continued to hound me numerous times each day. I was instructed to tell my creditors to advise them that I was working with a company and that someone would call them. I followed up with my creditors and was informed that nobody had notified them of anything. I became angry and suspicious so I decided to cancel after the 5 month into the 36 month program. I phoned Liberty Settlement and requested my money back. Obviously, they acted like I wasn't speaking english and did not understand my request. I phoned them several times in the month of November and left several messages to call me back, which no one has to this day. Instead, I had better luck in dealing with my creditors myself which has led to a positive outcome.

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