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Len Babbit
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November 16, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I signed up with Len Babbit's ECR Extreme Credit Restoration and he even said that he will Fastrak the application process so that I can sell the product too and make money at the same time.

I've been patient with this person, he will NOT answer my phone calls and alwas have a lame excuse via Text Message. I keep ALL his text messages and email responses, so I can protect myself for times like this.

That was Nov 2009, and Now it's Nov 2010 and I've asked Len about the $10,000 Guarantee and all he said was the company that he is doing Business with is NOT aswering his calls.

I gave him enough time to make it right and now I'm moving forward to get this person off the streets and file a Class Action Lawsuit Against him.

Please contact me @ mailto: @yahoo.com

Let's all join Together.

Len Babbits Phone number is (619)863-3322


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