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Leight, Judith
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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have in the past years been stabbed in the chest in what was Esther and Morris Leights' house, been harassed out of five jobs, the last three made into law suits filed with the Arizona Attorney General's Office, and been stalked by various but long-standing church and state bastions of control, racism especially, and classist pride. I the water turned off at the house where I have resided these past years unexpectedly today, despite paying my bills in full, and have no transportation or phone to make calls and pay bills. It has been more than 10 solid years of defamation, social sadism taken beyond the legal limits of the Landlord Tenant's Act, obfuscating lies and utter fanciful fraud and disregard. I was literally left to die after being stabbed in the chest without food, water, electricity, transportation nor funds. That is after being stalked for month's and taking a chest wound no less than five inches deep and a stay in the hospital emergency room of five days, which I just barely survived. I am begging for your help and assistance with all due haste. Am literally forced to endure severe racist pride and mockery at every exchange, via violation by church and state racists, sexists and sadists. Acts of felony violation go unreported and unheeded by police on an entirely prejudicial basis. Mocking, sadistic disregard and abuse...I cannot ride the bus safely for even two stops...this is literally the worst and most dishonest place I have lived in 16 nations, bar none. Racism, pride and mocking, disregarding socially entrapping dishonest sadism - it is all I can do to write you on a library computer. This may be my last attempt to contact you.

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