Leiber, Williams, and Labin Stanley Lieber, Howard Williams, Jason Lieber predators, sociopaths, lawyer jokes not funny considering how these men beha - Leiber, Williams

Leiber, Williams
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

It cannot be emphasized enough how bad and crooked this law firm is. They are like a bunch of used car salesmen with law licenses. If you are a accused of a crime and want to throw away your money for worse than nothing than hire Howard Williams and watch him steal your money and prolong and hurt your case when it is a case that was instantly disposable. The most minimal duty of care would have prevented so much waste and suffering.

Then, dare you complain, a vicious pitbull and a liar of the worse order, named Stanely Lieber will slander and abuse you in ways that shock the consciense. I had the easiest of cases that resulted in a judge having to aquit all the charges at trial,

Yet, this firm kept lying and prevaricating rather than just advocate for a client. When I was aquitted by a JUDGE, rather than apologizing profusely and returning the unearned retainer they chose to steal the money they should have happily returned considering their behavior and what exposure could mean.

The facts of the case, available to them, show that they messed up very badly and it is too bad for them that this former client was acquitted.

When they were sued it was clear they don't even have insurance and they represent themselves in the lawsuit. There demurrers are the most idiotic, lawless, and unprofessional imaginabe.

They just screw you over and count on you getting convicted. That is what crooked defense lawyers do and they usually get away with it.

Rather than accept responsibility for stealing the money and screwing over an innocent person , Stanley Lieber writes demurrers that are the most unethical and vile imaginable. Stanley Lieber is a base and stupid liar who should not practice law. Howard L. Williams is an awful and callous bastard who takes the money and leaves you flailing. Disgusting people and lousy lousy lawyers. I have overwhelming evidence that would leave anyone gasping as to how rotten these men are.

The lawyers working for this con job of a firm, Leiber, Williams, and Labin LLP are sociopathic predators and punks. Avoid at all costs.

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