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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

After listening to a presentation from a LFG rep about all the things this pin pad can do, I signed a four year lease of a NURIT 292 for $45 month. Unfortunately, it did very little of the what the rep promised. I got on the internet and found the NURIT 292 sells for around $200. I returned the pin pad but let LFG know that I will continue to pay for the pin pad as agreed regardless that LFG has no ethics. I signed the contract even though this company lies about its products, I feel stupid signing a non-cancelable lease but I did and I will live with it. If I can prevent one person from not using LFG, all this effort will have been worth it.

Last fall LFG billed my bank account for $12 for personal property tax for Clackamas County. $12 for a $200 pin pad was outrageous as I already pay to Clackamas county arount $200 for about $35,000 worth of equipment so I am very familiar with the county's tax structure. The rate LFG charged me was so high that if I paid the same rate on my equipment the tax would be $9333 per year not the $200 I actually paid. LFG's response to my BBB complaint was to contact the county. Wasn't that helpful? Due to the small charge I didn't pursue it further. All my communications with LFG have been unpleasant or I get no response.

I just returned the pin pad certified mail to the home office in New York and advised the Chicago office at the present address since their address keep changing. I told the Chicago office that I returned the pin pad and attached the letter to their home office. I just received a letter from LFG in Chicago with a copy of my contract, which I already have. Something wrong with sending a copy of the contract to someone who did not ask for it and already had one. I'm concerned this is some sore of communication preventing me returning the pin pad but the future will tell. Again, aren't they helpful? It appears this company does what ever it must do, including fraud, to make money. Again How do they sleep at night?

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