Lady Orion chased me out of the dungeon with machine guns! - Lady Orion

Lady Orion
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May 21, 2018, BobbyM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I went to see Lady Orion and my scary experience was unreal! I arrive at the dungeon at 1908 16th st in Philadelphia.
Im greeted by a woman that looks nothing like her pictures. The dump of a house smells of pot.I could hear a vicious attack dog barking behind a closed door.I follow the Mistress to her purple Dungeon room which smells like pot..The Mistress is so high she can't even walk in her high heels.I tell her I dont feel comfortable and I want my money back.She says No Way! And tells me to leave.
I told her I would expose her for what she did. She pulls out an AK 47 and an AR15 and starts to chase me down the stairs yelling at me! Scary Stuff! She yells to someone to let the dogs out ad they do.Now Im being chased by vicious attack dogs and a woman with machine guns. Thankfully she gives up chasing me halfway down 16th street.Avoid this woman at all costs!

Complaint comments:

May 21, 2018, LadyO
NOTE! Please be aware that this false defamatory "complaint" is a hoax. And also the product of a combination of a nasty cyber stalker who has been terrorizing myself and my friends for years and also, our very catty,insecure and jealous competitors. Any negative "complaint" you may ever read about me, or any of the Philly Dominas is exactly that. It is 100% completely false and the work of these people who have been trying to hurt all of us for years. Please read our blog postings to find out more about what we have been going through:

And our Google +

Please be aware again what this person and our competitors have been doing to us. And please read our blogs to find out more about this harrowing ordeal that we have been dealing with for the past three or four years now. We are nothing but upstanding Mistresses and this is an attempt to harass and stalk us and try to ruin our amazing names and reputations.
To show also how insanely ridiculous this "complaint" is, it is very obvious our stalker got lazy and posted the SAME exact thing for multiple ladies as you can very clearly see:

There is no way that these "men" all had the same incredible and "unreal" experience with each individual Mistress.
We can assure you this ridiculous and insane "complaint" is from him.

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