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Lacrosse Technology
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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

The problem is with the WS-2810 Weather Station. The
wind sensor went out in July of 2010. I received a RMA number from
Lacrosse Technology and was instructed to return the item within 10 days
of receiving said RMA number. I returned the item and was told that I
would be receiving a replacement system. I called back in August,
September and October and was told that the replacement system was on
"backorder" and no estimated ship date was available. I called again in
mid-October and was told that the item would ship in "Late October" and
would be called with a ship update. I called today (8 Nov 2010) to see
what the status was and the item is "still on backorder". I asked why
my replacement was on backorder when at least 20 were available in my
local Costco store for sale at $79 each. I was given the usual "I don't
know" answer and requested to speak to a supervisor. I was told that a
"supervisor wasn't available" and that I would be called back ASAP.

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