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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Like a lot of people I kept hearing the radio ads for Kevis. So I decided to call and check them out on the web. [Just a side note they tell you that calling and speaking to a live sales person will get you a better deal but in reality they will email you a discount coupon to order online for the same price.] After speaking with a salesperson/consultant I decided to go for the 1 year program. They had 6 month, 3 month and smaller programs. But in my case I decided to just go for the 1 year program. It cost nearly $1000.00 but the money is not an issue for me.

The problem is their idea of a year is different from mine and the rest of the world. I have an audio recording of my phone calls. I can back this up. The invoice and program instructions clearly state '12 months'. For this 12 month program they shipped 180 vials of Kevis, some shampoos, conditioner and an accelerator product. I am also given a suggested reorder date which is 1 year from the original order date.

On audio recording and on program instructions I am told to use 6 vials a week for 3 months and 3 vials a week for 9 months.

A month has 4 weeks right? WRONG! 4 weeks * 12 months = 48 weeks. And unless you use a different calendar than I use a year has 52 weeks in it. In a 3 months period (1 quarter) there are 13 weeks. But I will be generous and use 12.

12 weeks * 6 vials per week = 72 vials

52 weeks - 12 weeks = 40 weeks remaining * 3 vials per week = 120 vials

120 + 72 vials = 192 vials but they only consider 180 vials as a year supply.

180 vials is only a 11 month program even though all their literature says '12 months', '6 times per week for 3 months', '3 times per week for 9 months'. Kevis is shipped in trays of 12 vials per tray. They essentially short the count by 1 tray.

Is this a huge problem? Not really. But for nearly $1000 in cost I would expect them to provide premium customer service and not play games with vial counts. I suspect they never assumed that many people would number the vials and weeks to make sure I am using the product as directed. They probably figure that after 11 months most people would not remember what they were sold. If the product works that person would be excited and reorder regardless. If it didnt work that person would not be reordering anyway so 11 months, 12 months what is the difference.

My point is that if you sell me a 12 month program I best be getting product for 12 months. If you were going to sell me a 11 month program then state that upfront. It comes down to integrity and quality customer service.

Oh, and yes, I have contacted the company multiple times to try and sort this out. Now I am being told I paid for 180 vials and that was what I was shipped. NO........ I did not order 180 vials I ordered a 12 month (1 year) program.

I own and run multiple businesses. It costs Kevis a lot of money to run ads in print, radio, on the web, etc. It costs ANY business a lot of money to attract a new customer. The cost to resolve this issue is practically nothing to them. But if this is the game they want to play I want to make sure that as many people as possible know what they are about.

If the product works for you, great. Use it. But dont expect to actually get 12 months supply of product when ordering a 12 month program.

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