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March 7, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Ken Presner, of "The Ultimate Zapper" internet business will, without restraint, use your private customer information taken from your online use of a credit card order form as well as from private e-mails. This happened to me in Ken Presner's retaliation to a complaint I made after I did not receive what I ordered (the product label and THREE visible design features did not match the website advertisement), tried (unsuccessfully) to resolve the issues privately through personal e-mail, and, made an appropriate complaint in an appropriate place. In retaliation for a valid complaint on "" my private customer information -- name, location, e-mail address -- was used in violation of the Terms of Use for He used my private customer order information without my permission.
If you order from Ken Presner Ultimate Zapper this could happen to you! All your customer information, including your credit card account, will be at risk. Similarly, Ken Presner's own internet sales site "PRIVACY STATEMENT" says he will NEVER share customer information. The fact he did so, in violation of his very own Privacy Statement, allows me to pronounce him dishonest and a liar. He has been debated, debunked, and censored in numerous internet fora. Others before me stand in far more credible light than Ken Presner ever could. If you purchase from this unethical, untruthful, attention-seeking on-line huckster you are at definite risk: For Identity Theft; for being subjected to inappropriate retaliation; for endless lies and cut and paste abuse of personal information; for volumes of self-promotion, at your expense, disguised as self-defense; and to find he is hopeless to reason with. His business is not credible because his word is not credible. I guess it's true that if you give a liar enough rope he'll eventually hang himself.

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June 5, 2014, Joshua
I purchased an ultimate zapper several years ago for chronic lyme but it did not help at all. I am convinced Ken Presner is a scam artist since he refuses to issue me a refund and continues to prey on people with chronic illness. I don't know whether 'zapper technology' is real or not but the Ultimate Zapper is definitely a SCAM.

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