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Kempsville Family Skating
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

6:50 Me and my family were at the skating rink and while my cousins were waiting in line we were in the car. 7:00 When they finally decided to let us in we walked to the spot where the kids were. They rudely demanded we go to the back of the line,referring to us as hey you instead of sir and ma-am. 7:10 Then we had to pay a forceful 9.50 for admission then if you weren't skating you had to pay 3.00. My sister paid 9.50 for a one year old not even half the size of an adult,Ridiculous. When my sister asked about it the lady at the front desk rudely snapped back about it. They asked her did she want a refund instead cutting her off and yelling at her at the same time, she waved it off. While skating they came up with rules not posted anywhere as in take you hat of or no scarves on the floor. The only person with a hat or a scarf was us. 7:20 When my sister walked her son to the middle of the floor where they have a section marked for little kids and infants, she was helping him skate. One of the ladies sent the ref to tell her that she couldn't be out there without any skates, she would have to pay another 9.50 to accompany her one year old son on the floor. 7:25 My sister walked with her son back to the table and asked which one sent the man to tell her she could accompany her child, none of them wanted to confess or address the situation at first. They were being disrespectful and belligerent. After trying to get an explanation through all of the fussing and yelling, lying and disrespect. We asked to see the policy there was none , we asked the manager about she acted as if she didn't know what kind of business she was running. Professionalism was no where to be found and courtesy toward the customer wasn't there. we then asked for a refund after being there for an average of 15mins. After asking us did we want one the switch the game around and told us we couldn't have one. The owners yelled at us cussed and acted as if they didn't care that we were paying customers.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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