Karo Van Line Company Beaware of this company!! it is scam & fruad company Houston, Texas - Karo Van Line

Karo Van Line
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I choose this company because they are very cheap compare to other moving company. But it was big mistake!! They offered me a quote $1100 (based on 2000 lbs.) for move my shipment from Houston, TX to West Coast. However, when they came to p/u my shipment they brought different company truck (relocation.com) and date of p/u they raised price to $2500 because of our shipment weigh will be over 4000lbs. We don't have any large or heavy appliances and furniture. (ex. Washer & Dryer, sofa, bed , TV etc.) The large items that we had 2 chest drawer, 1 wardrobe, and, 1 dining table, 1 chair. This is the things they lie to us.

1. They told me driver will call in advance to setup an appointment time with us. but they just come on move date and give less than 1 hour notice. I've been calling them to setup a time 4~5 days before the move date but can't able to contact them.

2. When we called them to check our shipment, they refuse to respond in email or phone calls since they received my first deposit.

3. They told us if we over the weigh, they will charge us $.60 per pound but later they change word to $.88 or could be more. Keep scaring us with our shipment in their hand and they will charge us no matter what.

4. They told us the packing also include in the service but they charged packing tapes ($10 per packing tapes) without letting us know and extra labor fee of $120 (because our shipment was too heavy). The bill was given after finish loading.

5. They told us driver (the mover) will bring weigh certificate of empty truck weigh before loading the shipment. But they fail to do so and force to raise the weight of our shipment to make more money. Even though, we weighed all of our shipment.

6. They told us mover will go to weigh station to re-weight and send weigh ticket but they gave us after 3~4 days.

7. They told us there is any hidden fee that if 53' van can't access they will charge $95 per hour at destination + extra labor fee.

The bottom line is they have very bad service period!! Only thing they are good at make all kinds of unreasonable excuse to steal our money and speak in a threatening customer with our shipment. These company need to be report it on media so that no other people not get hurt in future.

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