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Josiah Wong
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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I speak out of experience. I brought up an issue of a student cutting and pasting an entire paper to the attention of James Eckmann. He could care less. What's disturbing is the fact the graduate program is for Forensic Science, thus we are entrusted with making ethical decisions. As we've heard about CSI techs manufacturing evidence, dishonesty starts somewhere. For James Eckmann to simply discard clear plagerism is improper. As it relates to Josiah Wong, he teaches material that is simply wrong. For example, he provided and tested on the definition of "Dying Declaration" and bolded in his handout that the declarent must die. I provided him with copies out of a Judicial Bench Guide that contradicts his definition since he provided the WRONG definition. Josiah Wong fails to increase my score and relied on his definition. These are only two instances concerning National Universities' total commitment to inadequate education. When a school embraces cheating, and incorrect definitions for legal terms--that school simply fails the student. Of course, the above is simply my own opinion.

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