John Perez Graphics and Design John Perez is a complete ripoff and John Perez is out of his mind! Richardson, Texas - John Perez Graphics

John Perez Graphics
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November 30, 2010, Anonymous
United States

John Perez Graphics and Design must be the only graphics company in the Oil & Gas industry advertising on Google because their name popped up and we made the huge mistake of hiring them for services. John and some lady with a strange name I can't remember seemed very knowledgable at first, but after being quoted an outrageous price we quickly began to realize things weren't as they seemed.

Our project experience HUGE delays, John constantly complained when we weren't happy with the mediocre work he produced and he was flat out nuts. I've never had someone I paid money to, let alone tens of thousands of dollars act like he does. He acted as if we were an inconvenience to him and that we were doing something wrong because we didn't approve of the work he did. Frankly, it was terrible and not worth the money.

Take your time and look for another company if you are in need of O&G graphics! There are plenty of others out there, trust us, we learned the hard way, but we found them.


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