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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I went to The Office of Jim Walter HOmes in Dec 2007 with hopes of having a new home built for my wife, I looked over the plans and the lady asked to get us preapproved and we gave her our information. we came back and was told I was approved but my wife didnt have alot of income so they would just put it in my name, we told her we wanted it in both names. The saleswoman Noreen started giving my wife the run around and would not give us straight answers she tried to force us to pay her husband to put in a septic tank for us, and my wife told her to forget it we would have our home built by someone else, At that point a man named Lon another salesman came into the picture and the sales manager Zachery Roberson with alot of false promises to make everything right and to give us the home of our dreams if we let them built our home. We went in to talk to them and to pick out a home and was told that Noreen had already put a lien on our property and we had to allow them to built us a house or pay thousands of dollars to get out of the deal, that we were stuck and no way out, we were also told that she had put in for the 2 story foxbough house and that was the house we had to take because it was the house that Noreen had put on the paperwork, what we were told is ill put you in for this house for the amount and you can pick the house within this amount that did not happen either. From day one we were forced into this nightmare and I do not think that it will ever end there has not been one professional person here building this house nor repairing this house and I wonder if anyone has a good house from them, we had one foundation company get their men out from under this house saying that the house and the wood was so inferior that it was dangerous to be under and they would not atempt to repair it unless it was done right they were fired and not paid. the house still is not finished today 11/12/2010 the day we moved in on august 5th 2008 it poured the rain inside and outside water was running down the back door into the kitchen they keep coming saying we will fix it but what they mean is we will try to cover up the damage, They say we will make it right but they mean you are never going to have a new house how can you have a new house with all the patches this place is falling in the center and all the floors are warped and the back wall is so far out of alignment that the cabinets wont go up against the wall at all They said they would have this house finished but when now it is worse than ever and they want to come and mess up our holidays tearing this place apart again This time there will be camcorders and cameras and we want everything they will be doing explained on tape and camera we want to be able to show everyone how much of a joke they make out of our homes as they pretend to make things right and once we dropped out of the lawsuit the VP Chuck Reeber took his wife to Tahaiti, I guess that was a bonus for getting over on us whelie we stayed in a storage building while they ripped this house apart again and again

Please hire an Attorney and fight for your rights and for your home Please do not think you have to let them get away with stealing your dreams, your money and forceing you to live in a home that is in worse shape that many homes that have been standing over 100 years. Please protect yourself from this company at all costs we have and will be posting many pictures online and you tube as well as facebook, my space and on jimwaltersvictums dot com we are not going to take this in South Texas and hope that everone that has one of these dumps will file suits against them and fight for their homes as well

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