JENNY CRAIG Jenny Craig$$$$ lies about the food content for $$$$. Full of soy & toxins that slow weight loss & make u ill. Internet - JENNY CRAIG

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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Jenny Craig reps misrepresent the food in their diet all for their commissions on how long they can keep you on their food. Jenny Craig's food is so full of soy, sodium, sucralose it is toxic and does not give you exact amounts. Then, it has high sodium. In order to keep the flavor in 99% of the food they add SPLENDA/a.k.a. SUCRALOSE. Sucralose is a toxic compound which binds the gastrointestinal tract badly & is not approved by the FDA for such liberal use. Jenny Craig recommends all diet drinks which have aspartane and sucralose.
Please look up the dangers of aspartane & sucrtalose on the internet!!!!!!!!!
This company lies and misrepresents their food and their program. After enough people get bloated, cramps, rashes from all the sucralose a CLASS ACTION should follow! They hook up so many innocent people who are vulnerable.
I ended up in severe pain cramping in the doctor's office. That was my wake up call. Sucralose build up in your system slowly and then it is intolerably uncomfortable.
Yet, Jenny Craig claims she has the market share on a healthy weight loss program. As soon as I stopped for one week and flushed the toxins out of my body I lost 8 pounds while on Jenny Craig it was a slow 1 pound a week which is how they set people up to make their BIG $$$$$!
Don't fall for it! File a class action if you have wasted $ with these people & been ripped off! We are not guinea pigs for non-healthy foods at a huge cost!

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