Jeff Skodak Koda Group Fraud, Stealer Sterling Heights, Michigan - Jeff Skodak Koda

Jeff Skodak Koda
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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Jeff Skodak,
Took from me $2,500.00 to do a loan modificatin in March 2010 as of October of 2010, I am being kicked out of my home with a sick husband, because Jeff never filed with my lender the loan modification that I paid him to do for me. I have heard from several other people who he has did the exact same thing took our money and never did anything.
We trusted this man, and he was going to file the paperwork and work for us.
He took our money, and would never return calls when I went to his office above the jewerly store, he was never there just a secretary.
He is a liar a thief and God will get him.

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