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December 2, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Jeffery Muzilla, also known as Jeff Zephix, Zephix Studios, iZephix, and DarkZephix, has been fraudulently parading himself around Cleveland as a local "photographer". His "images", were an unusual high quality. He was even making claims to be an official photojournalist for National Geographic. He started to generate a buzz and gather Facebook friends rather quickly, and has publicly been asking those friends to increase his friend count (has an infatuation with reaching the 5,000 friend limit) by suggesting all their friends to him so that he can sell prints. Over time though, some local photographers were getting tips from people that they saw Jeff using their images and playing them off as his own. This upset them greatly, so they reported the images as stolen and Facebook removed them. This shows he was also not very smart, because why steal from local photographers, but then add everyone you can from Cleveland? People were going to recognize those pictures and who they really belonged to, and did. Jeff, however continued to post more new "images", which were just upsetting people who were keeping an eye on him. The word was spreading fast about what he was doing. So, a few people decided to run a search on all of Jeff's "images" (through sites like, and found out that every single one was stolen from dozens of photographers across the internet, from Model Mayhem, to Tumblr, Flickr, even Getty Images. In his model photographs, he was even making up fake names for the models that he "shot". A local photographer (one who had an image stolen from Jeff) and a couple of his model clients, who have all worked together numerous times and were friends, decided to speak up about Jeff in a status update, reveling this fraudulent activity. They also contacted all of the photographers who's work was stolen and told them to send Facebook a DMCA take down notice immediately. It was easy to see that the National Geographic claim was a lie. They list their photographers and past photo contest winners on their website, and his name was nowhere to be found. A local news station even confirmed it was a lie by directly calling their offices. They never heard of a "Jeff Muzilla". Jeff was exposed and under a lot of heat, but that did not stop him. He got upset at the local photographer for calling him out, despite all that evidence against him. He posted a status update with a picture of that photographer and told his friends that Facebook Headquarters notified to him that he was the one that was "hacking" his account. His account was never hacked by anyone obviously, it was just getting reported so much by all the people, photographers, and models that saw he was a fraud. Through internet searching, we saw that Jeff has a history of this behavior. In May of this 2011, a Facebook group page for Nelson Ledges Quarry Park put up a post about him being a fraud, trying to sell fake nature images off as authentic images of the Ledges. A local prosecutor has told us that he has a Sandusky and Willoughby Hills arrest for domestic violence. He is also has a report publicly listed on the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts for divorce with children and domestic violence. He has tried to lure women to his house for "photoshoots", and new female photographers to his house for photo "lessons" under the false pretense of a established photographer. He has tried to sell images that do not belong to him, and if anyone has given him money for this please speak up. So we have extreme lie after lie, a history of violence, and he shows no remorse when confronted with evidence. Jeff Muzilla is a dangerous, unpredictable sociopath. Be aware!

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May 31, 2018, Legendary A
He sold me a camera bracket on ebay and has not send me the tracking number. Then I received a email from ebay that they were removing his listing information and that I should be on the look out for possible fraud.
Add that to the list of crap.

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