JD VAUGHN & SONS PLUMBING INC VAUGHN J D & SONS PLUMBING INC Did not complete the work as the proposed in the Qoute / Proposal Jacksonville, Florida - JD VAUGHN

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November 28, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company (J. D. Vaughn and Sons Plumbing, Inc.) to accomplish a septic tank abandonment as the city was forcing us to do it. So when I called the company they provided me with the quote that stated "Turnkey Plumbing System", which means that all the pipes leading currently to the Septic Tank would be re-run and connected to the City Sewer. After they completed the job in end of May 2010, I paid them thinking that everything was done per the proposal. In November of 2010, one of the bathrooms water from the Sink, toilet and the bathtub, started backing up. Upon further investigation, it was found that the company (JD Vaughn and Sons Plumbing, Inc.) did not connect the one bathroom to the city sewer, leaving it still connected to the septic tank that was now demolished and filled in with dirt. When I contacted the company they stated that they did not know that there was a second bathroom in the house. The owner of the company stated that he wants me to pay an additional $1300 for them to connect the second bathroom to the city sewer. However, I feel that they should have know about it, as it is their job to check everything before they write a proposal, and that they should have done this the first time when they were doing the work. This company is not a very good company to do business with, and I would advise anyone to stay away from them and look for a good reputable company to do your work right. Do not get burned like I did.

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