JC Penney JC Penney has been racking up late fees by having the bill come to the house close to the payment date making it impossible tohve the bill - JC Penney

JC Penney
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November 13, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This is very interesting what JC Penney has been doing to us. I NOTICED a late fee several months ago on my wife's JC Penney's bill and payed it thinking she had kept the bill in her purse to long before mailing. We then racked up ~$80.00 dollars in late fees over the next several months. I told my wife something is up with JC Penney's billing. With the last bill we sent in the check (we always pay off credit bills completely every month) the same day that we received the bill. The following month we got another late fee. What is interesting we had mailed the bill 4 day prior to the late due date. I called JC Penney's and explained this to the and pointed out they were breaking the postal business laws by not excepting the postmark date as the day off business for the late fee and by mailing the payments late the only way I would ever pay them of would require me to pay the late fee in advance. The JC Penney's representative the hung up on me. I called back and my wife and I went through the entire story again this time we were told they would waive the last late fee. My wife explained to them she would never use this card again. What was interesting is that we did not have to speak with a supervisor to waive the late fee. This would suggest an ongoing problem being committed by JC Penney's credit/billing company. My wife and I have been using JC Penney's for a long time because we felt this was one of the last honest companies. I guess we were wrong

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