Jared Lee Gosselin Whiteleaf Productions loser! Bombed with the daddy role neglecting his own child Los angeles, California - Jared Lee Gosselin

Jared Lee Gosselin
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

What's up with you supporting your daughter. I cannot do it on my own right now. Jared Lee Gosselin X Reply
Kat to jaredgosselin52
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Jared Gosselin to me
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I already told you. Im waiting on some money. Ill be able to pay a few
grand. Im not gonna have the other money to pay off the child support
until november. But depending on the status on my passport Im might not
be able to leave the country.
Maybe we can work something out where I
pay you directly and you zero out my balance and or get rid of the
state dealing with our finances. We can do it where I just pay you
directly. I really do not want to go to jail and I will just cancel
going out with Macy on the road. We are both going to loose out . Let me know J Jared Gosselin aka J-Lee 313-231-5096 Cell 818-300-3409 Remove star

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